At the heart of every relationship there is always a solemn pledge. Chouchou pledges to produce each design in small batches, using premium quality fabrics to create long lasting, timeless pieces in respect of our beautiful natural world.

Far from the fast-fashion greenwashing approach, we firmly believe our loving and supportive customer base deserve transparency, good quality designs and authenticity.  Creating long lasting designs today is per se a revolutionary act, since the fashion industry at large is commonly producing items that are poor quality and assembled by underpaid mostly-female workers in third world countries. These cheap, fast-fashion copies sadly end up unloved in
landfill after a couple of washes and even washing these pieces pollutes our waters with microplastics. Chouchou believes in creating and consuming fashion in a different way, buying consciously and buying less is a powerful tool.

Always on the lookout for alternative ways to produce and offer clean designs, empower women, and reduce its carbon footprint, Chouchou has always placed the ecological aspect first. Proudly manufacturing in the EU and Scotland, working alongside highly skilled female tailors in the atelier and creating pret-à couture designs. Chouchou bravely chooses to work to the way designers used to work in the glorious fashion past.

Part of Chouchou’s mission is to respect all the fiercely loyal people who help the brand to grow and keep the creative dream alive. Chouchou commits to paying a responsible
compensation for the work received.

Fully embracing the slow-fashion, sustainable approach where the design process takes its time and is always worth waiting for. Since each piece is created in its atelier, Chouchou is able to offer a limited number of bespoke options per season upon request.

In 2020 Chouchou started to use organic certified cotton GOTS (global organic textile standard) and standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Ⓡ certified fabrics. These fabrics have been tested for harmful substances and stand for high product safety. Cherry-picked high-end, deadstock fabrics saved from the landfill will always be incorporated in the collections and use of polyester fabrics is limited. All these conscious choices help to protect the planet through responsible trade.

At Chouchou, we believe that creating timeless designs out of the orbit of collections and seasonal trends is an effective way to ensure that the pieces will be enjoyed for a long time and handed down to future generations who will keep the love story alive.